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Terminal Tractor NewDJProducts’ TrailerCaddy makes it easy to move trailers.

By Alan Dorich

If you’ve been in a grocery or big-box store’s parking lot lately, chances are you’ve seen an employee using a shopping cart retrieval system instead of gathering the carts by hand. That “cart pusher” was the first of many battery powered tugs and pushers invented by DJProducts Inc.

The Little Falls, Minn.-based company has devoted itself to creating solutions for pushing anything on wheels, and semi-trailers are no exception. Recently, DJProducts introduced its TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor, which is designed to make work easier on the logistics side.

The product, which DJProducts released last year, can push and pull trailers up to 100,000 pounds, Vice President of Sales Jerry Reis says. It also boosts user control by being smaller and more maneuverable than a yard truck, and is less than one quarter of the cost of a shunt truck.

It also saves users maintenance costs. Reis says DJProducts often gets calls from yards that use older semi-trucks that can cost them up to $10,000 a year to maintain. With the TrailerCaddy, “That goes away,” he says.

The product also provides environmental benefits by being battery powered. If users are moving trailers in an indoor environment, “There [are] no fumes,” he says, noting that satisfied users of the TrailerCaddy include Frito-Lay and AmazonFresh.

The product has drawn the interest of other manufacturers, as well as those in the trucking and logistics industry. “[Warehouses] are using it to augment their yard dog, or if they’ve got a diesel tractor they don’t want to mess with,” Reis says.

He sees a strong future for the product, which DJProducts offers with a “try-before-you-buy” program. “If someone’s willing to pay the shipping on this thing, we’ll send them the unit and they can test it on their yard, in their operation,” he says.

So far, the company has had great success with each test. “They never come back,” Reis says about the TrailerCaddy.

For more information, call 800-686-2651 or visit www.trailercaddyterminaltractor.com.

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