Throughout the railroad industry, speed is the game. Railroads are under increased pressure to get goods from one point to another faster than ever, and today’s technology makes it possible to plan logistics down to the second. When every second matters, railroads are looking for partners that can give them the ability to increase their efficiency and keep up with the ever-tightening demands of their customers. For many years, Herzog Railroad Services Inc. has provided top-notch services to customers in the railroad sector, and Vice President of Marketing Tim Francis says the key to its longevity and success has been the company’s refusal to accept anything as “good enough.” 

“Herzog continually evaluates our product offering and seeks methods to enhance, and I believe it is this approach that sets Herzog apart,” Francis says.

Heniff Transportation Systems is expanding to meet the needs of its customers. “We’ve grown with our customer base,” says Scott Templeman, director of operations for the Oak Brook, Ill.-based company. “As we move to other areas of the country, they’re more willing to turn to us to take on new business, since they know we have the capacity to take care of it for them.”

Founded in 1998 by Bob Heniff, the company has 11 truck terminals in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Illinois. The company’s fleet includes more than 300 tractors and 600 stainless steel trailers that transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals from refineries and storage facilities to end-users. About 70 percent of Heniff Transportation shipments are of non-hazardous chemicals. 

The automotive industry can be one of the most challenging markets a transportation company can serve, thanks to the just-in-time nature of many OEMs’ operations. For more than 35 years, however, Ohio’s Precision Strip has proven itself to be more than up to the challenge. General Manager of Transport Jim Lammers says the company has achieved its position as the nation’s largest toll processor of flat-rolled metals due in no small part to the strength of its fleet and people. 

Since 1977, Precision Strip has provided metal processing, storage and transportation services to a variety of manufacturers. Through its toll processing business with major U.S. mills, Precision Strip services end users in the automotive, appliance, welding wire, and construction product markets. 

Bordered by Lake Michigan on the north and the Ohio River on the south, Indiana offers a variety of multimodal shipping options with a statewide system of ports. The Port of Indiana – Burns Harbor is located on Lake Michigan in Portage, Ind., just southeast of Chicago; the Port of Indiana – Mount Vernon is located on the Ohio River near Evansville, Ind.; and the Port of Indiana – Jeffersonville is across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky.

Indiana’s three ports are managed by the Ports of Indiana, a statewide port authority that operates as a self-funded enterprise dedicated to growing Indiana’s economy through the development of a world-class port system on two of the busiest inland waterways in the world. The Ports of Indiana is an agile, strategically-driven organization that does not receive any state or local tax dollars to support operations or capital investments. 

For Marketing & Engineering Solutions (MES) Inc., its strong global sourcing and quality team and its focus on customer metrics are the keys to success. The supply chain management services company delivers sourcing solutions for its clients, working with vendors in India, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Many Fortune 500 companies with strong overseas sourcing, factories and purchasing operations work with MES. “One of the keys to our success is we offer supply chain services for lots of different product lines,” President Hiten Shah says. Those include aluminum die castings, iron castings, investment castings, forgings, rubber and plastic parts. 

After 115 years, Jewel-Osco has stayed fresh by evolving with the times.  “As simple as food retail sounds, there’s a lot that goes into what people buy as the decades go by,” says John Yasak, general manager for the Jewel-Osco distribution center in Melrose Park, Ill. “You’ve got to be willing to change and come up with new, innovative ideas for the customers that shop at your stores.”

Headquartered in Itasca, Ill., Jewel-Osco operates a chain of 185 grocery/pharmacy stores throughout Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. Its distribution center spans two buildings that cover more than 1.5 million square feet.

In August 2014, the Navy aircraft carrier USS Constellation began its final voyage. The 1,062-foot-long vessel, built in 1957 and decommissioned in 2003 after more than 40 years in service, embarked on a 16,000-mile trip around the southern tip of South America on a towline carried by an ocean-faring tugboat.

In January 2015, the carrier – once dubbed “America’s Flagship” by President Ronald Reagan – will reach its final destination: the Brownsville, Texas, shipyard of International Shipbreaking Ltd., a specialized ship dismantling and recycling  facility founded in 1995. 

When thinking about water and wastewater treatment, fleet management is not usually the first thing that leaps to mind. But just as DC Water is striving to provide its customers with world-class water and wastewater services that are both reliable and cost-effective, its fleet management operations aim to provide a similarly high level of service to all of the organization’s departments.

“Our job is to service the various departments and provide support services through our vehicles, mobile technology and equipment that allow our colleagues to better manage their duties,” Director of Fleet Management Tim Fitzgerald says. 

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