For Christian Brothers Automotive CEO Mark Carr, faith and prayer have been key drivers in his life. While working as a graphic arts salesman for a photographic mural company, he felt compelled to go in a different direction. Asking God to help him find a business, a serendipitous meeting after a Sunday school function led to the creation of Christian Brothers Automotive in August 1982 in Mission Bend, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

Since that time, the company has operated based on Christian Brothers Automotive’s value propositions to its customers. At each location, the owners of the business can be found onsite building their teams and guest relationships.  A customer is known as a guest at Christian Brothers.  Additionally, each owner is able to relate to the guests and serve them the way the owner would want to be served.

Britton Transport President Jim Stockeland recognizes that most trucking companies tout their safety programs and truck driver benefits as a reason to work with or for them, but he explains that a safety program is so much more than just words on paper. Safety and driver appreciation are truly the embodiment of Britton Transport’s culture.

“Every trucking company has a safety program and one in print because they have to have it to follow regulated outlines,” Stockeland explains. “Actually doing it and having a safety culture is completely different than just having it in print. We are very purposeful in how we treat our drivers and in safety.” 

It’s been said that companies that prepare for the future improve the industry. That axiom holds true for TRAC Intermodal, which for more than 45 years has been providing intermodal equipment to international and domestic shippers. 

TRAC is North America’s leading intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager. Since 2010, the operation’s year over year growth has been about 20 percent. TRAC’s active fleet now consists of approximately 272,000 chassis. Additionally, the company has a broad operating footprint with 630 marine, 167 domestic and 59 depot locations. 

Managing any operation of a company in the throes of a merger isn’t easy. But pushing through uncertainty and creating consistency out of disparate parts has been a way of life for Time Warner Cable’s fleet for some time.

When delivering fuel to the Northeast in winter – especially during the chilling winter of 2013-2014 – managers do not have extra time to assemble reports. “Some of the time, the winter will get so hard for so long, the employees get tired,” laments Bruce Ruppert, Superior Plus Energy Services director of business development. “Winter is when we make our money, but it’s pretty difficult for a lot of employees to get through it, whether they are inside taking a 50 percent increase in calls or delivering in 4 feet of snow.”

The availability of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Ohio has improved with the gas plays in the Marcellus and Utica shales in Ohio and Pennsylvania. To offset rising fuel costs, Smith Dairy introduced dual-fuel conversion engines into its power unit fleet in 2013 that use CNG or a combination of CNG and diesel fuel.

Dave Myers, the business development manager of Hexagon Lincoln, made a very true statement when he said, “Every time the cost of logistics goes up a penny it affects everybody.” From the transportation companies themselves to the end-users who those goods are being transported to, when logistics costs go up, everyone’s costs go up. With its innovative products, Hexagon Lincoln has been helping its customers push those logistics costs down.

For nearly 20 years, Distribution Solutions Inc. (DSI) has kept successful by keeping its managers involved in every aspect of the organization. That not only helps the company keep a close eye on drivers and dispatchers, but “we can see quicker what is changing with the customers,” CEO Mike McNutt says.

Based in Harrison, Ark., DSI offers full-service truckload, dry van and refrigerated services across the continental United States. 

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