As the first major port into the American heartland through the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Port of Cleveland has always been a major economic hub. Now, it has grown even more significant by launching a new freight service.

In December 2013, it inked a major deal with the Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group to create the only scheduled containerized and non-containerized route from Cleveland to Europe. The Cleveland-Europe Express Ocean Freight Service will be the only scheduled international direct container service on the Great Lakes. It is slated to begin in April when the seaway reopens for another shipping season. 

According to Jones, the experience he gained driving a truck himself for many years gave him the background necessary to understand all the ins and outs of the industry, as well as what it takes to succeed. Today, Mesilla Valley Transport benefits from the experience of Jones along with the hard work and dedication of its employees as it serves customers across the country from its base in New Mexico. 

After nearly 70 years, Berard has established itself as a strong, agile transportation company. “If [clients] need something done, we can do it very quickly,” Vice President of Operations Brett Berard says. “We’re agile enough to obtain special equipment that a certain project may need, as well.”

Based in New Iberia, La., Berard specializes in the transportation of offshore platforms, power transformers, yachts and other items that weigh thousands of tons. Brett Berard’s grandfather, Roy Berard Sr., founded the company in 1945.

Owned by Winston Bell and his three sons Jason, Dallas and Monty, operating with a fleet of more than 225 different types of trailers and 70 tractors, there aren’t many things that W.S. Bell Cartage can’t transport. “If it will go on a truck, we’ll haul it,” says Dennis Buswell, manager of safety and compliance. The Kitchener, Ontario-based trucking company transports materials and goods throughout all of Canada as well as the United States and into Mexico.

America’s Railroad will soon become a lot more comfortable. Amtrak, the nation’s intercity passenger rail service and high-speed rail operator, in winter 2014 will begin field testing the first of 130 new long-distance passenger rail cars that will improve the train-going experience for its riders.

Customers are increasingly looking for customized logistics services and a2b Fulfillment is an ideal position to meet those needs, President Ayal Latz says. “We’ve become very successful due to our ability to offer customizable solutions [for] a growing and diverse client base,” he says. 

Soaring gas prices in recent years have sent companies scrambling to find more fuel-efficient sources to power their vehicles. Blossman Gas – the nation’s largest independent propane retailer, with 60 years of experience – created an organization in 2009 to help fleets avoid high-priced fuel while shrinking their carbon footprint.

There are many companies that haul liquid natural gas (LNG) for customers who use it as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel, but very few of them practice what they preach the way Pennsylvania’s REV LNG does. According to CEO David Kailbourne, REV LNG not only helps customers make the most of LNG as an alternative fuel – it does so itself. “We’re real-world living proof that LNG trucks work in the transportation business,” he says. 

The company is an offshoot of REV Hoopes Transportation, which serves the energy industry with water remediation and recycling services. Kailbourne says one of the company’s clients was a large natural gas producer that asked if REV Hoopes would consider converting part of its fleet from diesel to LNG. The company, under the leadership of its founder Preston Hoopes, purchased 10 LNG trucks, and from there Kailbourne says it quickly discovered the benefits of converting to LNG. In time, the company was approached by other diesel users who wanted to make the switch to LNG, and REV LNG was established two-and-a-half years ago to serve this growing market.

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