Ever since RJW Transport became an official consolidator for Walmart, business has been growing at an unstoppable rate. In 2013, the Illinois-based logistics company had about 75,000 square feet of warehouse space. Two years later, RJW has grown to 550,000 square feet and expects to top $100 million in revenue this year. “In 2015, we’re exploding right now,” RJW President Kevin Williamson says.

A successful partnership with Walmart and their vendors has opened opportunities for RJW to provide retail consolidation services for other top-25 retailers such as Kroger, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy, though RJW does not act as an official consolidator for those retail chains. “We have honed down a good process, a good program that saves those retailers money,” Williamson says.

North Americans are so used to having all types of food available at their local grocery stores that they do not really think much about the people who transport it there. But that is not the case at Nagle. “We place a tremendous value on our skilled over-the-road and local truck drivers,” President and CEO Ed Nagle emphasizes. “We have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t value truck drivers – they’re taken for granted – and you will never see a more honorable group of individuals.

“A truck driver doesn’t leave on Christmas morning because it just sounded like a good idea,” he continues. “A truck driver doesn’t miss his children’s baseball games because he doesn’t like his family. A truck driver is always doing something for someone. He’s doing it for a shipper, he’s doing it for a receiver, he’s doing it for a dispatcher, but he is always doing something for someone other than himself.”

M.C. Tank Transport Inc., based in West Chester, Ohio, specializes in transporting specialty chemicals throughout the 48 contiguous United States as well as Canada. Founded in 1936 under the company name M C Trucking, M.C. Tank Transport has throughout the years added logistical/transportation solutions through its distinct selection of “managed services” platforms structured to improve operational efficiencies and offer exceptional added value to its customers’ supply chain needs. From its maintenance services, asset leasing services, logistics (bulk/intermodal/LTL/TL/Flatbed) services and asset-based (bulk/intermodal) transportation services, M.C. Tank Transport provides the ability to give the customer a multi-solution set that can quantify to quick efficient and cost effective solutions. 

Although M.C. Tank was morphed into a reliable and trustworthy company through three family generations expanding over four decades of excellent service, what commands M.C. Tank, a privately owned fleet for hire, to reap such success throughout the years?

Herr Foods is a leader in the snack food industry that is especially well known for its potato chips. The Nottingham, Pa.-based company manufactures a wide selection of potato chips that feature several unique flavors not typically found in the marketplace.

Herr Foods goes well beyond manufacturing the more traditional flavored potato chips often found in grocery and convenience stores. In addition to barbeque, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar chips, Herr Foods offers myriad specialty flavors, including baby back ribs, Kansas City prime steak, ketchup and creamy dill pickle. “Our claim to fame is the flavored chips,” says Lino Santinelli, the director of transportation and logistics.

The agency that oversees the daily transportation of more than 71,000 children in Dallas County, Texas, to and from school does not take its duties lightly, particularly when it comes to the well being of the students it transports. “I think we have an unprecedented student safety program,” says Larry Duncan, president of the board for Dallas County Schools.

All 2,200 of Dallas County Schools’ buses are equipped with three-point seatbelts that cover the chest and lap of passengers. The agency’s buses are the only ones in the state to have three-point seatbelts as standard equipment, Duncan notes.

Dallas County Schools’ bus fleet is equipped with GPS trackers that allow school officials to see where buses running one of the agency’s 2,000 total routes are at all time. Buses also include video cameras both inside and outside. “We encounter on our buses all the same discipline problems our teachers do, but our drivers have to keep their eyes on the road,” Duncan says. Members of the agency’s in-house police department can communicate with students on buses remotely, and can also keep recorded video from inside the buses if necessary. 

The fleet operations department at CPS Energy is a busy place, but no objective trumps safety. “Safety is the priority, period,” says Tommy Johns, fleet manager for the San Antonio-based utility company. “Our company embraces behavior-based safety.” 

Indeed, safety is embedded into the culture of not only the fleet operations department but also the entire company, which provides natural gas and electric service to San Antonio. This commitment to safety has produced results. CPS Energy team members recently achieved a company record in safety performance for the fourth consecutive year.

The 60-member fleet operations department plays a significant role in the company’s success because it is responsible for servicing the utility’s 2,300 pieces of equipment, including cars, bucket trucks and heavy equipment.

For Chennault International Airport, there may be no better place to be than in its home state of Louisiana. “We have incredible support from our congressional delegation, the state, the parish and city,” Executive Director Randy Robb declares. 

In exchange, “We try to keep everybody in the community informed as to what’s going on here,” he says. “We want them to know what we’re doing to make this a better place to live.”

Based in Lake Charles, La., Chennault serves as a location for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and refueling of commercial and military aircraft. It initially opened as a U.S. Air Force base in 1941.

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