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Flagger Force may have a stock of cones, electronic signs and other traffic safety devices at its disposal, but the company’s true value to customers comes from another resource.

“We consider ourselves a people company that just happens to have a lot of signs and cones,” says Mike Doner, who co-founded the Middletown, Pa.-based company with his wife Michele in 2002. “When our clients hire us, they are hiring our people, not our equipment.”

The company’s client base includes electric, gas and water utilities as well as utility and road contractors, engineers, excavators, surveyors and township supervisors, who look to the company to provide temporary traffic control in the event of road closures brought about by construction and maintenance work. Flagger Force offers a one-stop shop for clients who would otherwise need to train their own people in traffic control, and contract the use of vehicles, equipment and signs from more than one company or maintain their own inventory.

“The customers who purchase our service are looking for our expertise, as well as a way to lower their liability exposure, turn their fixed costs into a variable cost, and focus their own employees on the core competencies of the company,” Doner explains.

Flagger Force serves the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, as well as northern Virginia. In addition to its headquarters in Middletown, the company maintains regional dispatch operations in Philadelphia and  Harrisburg, Pa., and Baltimore, Md. as well as supporting facilities in Scranton, Pa. and Flemington, N.J.

A Service Focus

Flagger Force’s biggest strength is in the level of service it offers, which Doner attributes to his and his wife’s background in service-oriented companies. “We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so regardless of the time of day, our clients can always reach someone in our office in a dispatch role available to meet their needs,” he says.

The company’s dispatching capabilities are enhanced through its significant investment in technology. The system can provide information on the skill set of each employee as well as the location of its trucks  allowing dispatchers to determine  the best resources for an emergency situation where traffic control is needed, Doner adds.

Flagger Force’s service to clients extends beyond emergency and scheduled traffic control to include safety training. The company’s Flagger Force Academy provides world-class temporary  traffic control safety training for all employees.  Flagger Force supports their mission of providing safety education to municipalities, engineers, utilities and others by sharing these proprietary training courses, the company says.

The company’s values of integrity, leadership, trust and respect are at the cornerstone of every decision regarding its actions.

“Our vision is unique, in that we exist to make a difference, we believe that what we do matters,” Doner says. “When we go to a job site, we consider it our mission to make it safer for our employees, safer for our clients and ultimately safer for the general public.”

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