FedEx DriverFedEx Freight driver Bryce Neilson was recognized for his extraordinary actions at the scene of a major accident.

 By Alan Dorich

People tend to focus on what truck drivers can do to stay safe behind the wheel, but what they do outside of their vehicles often goes overlooked. One person being recognized for his actions outside of the cab is Bryce Neilson, a road driver for FedEx Freight. 

 FARRELL DIGITAL TRACKING 01The trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar.

By Robert Farrell

In today’s electronic world it’s only a matter of time until manual data recording tasks are eliminated completely – and the trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar. Make no mistake, this mandate will have a widespread impact on businesses outside of the transportation industry. Warehouses, distributors, manufacturers and other links in the extended supply chain must plan for it now; or pay the price later. 

 DANNY HALIM 01You can leverage big data and predictive analytics to optimize the supply chain.

By Danny Halim

Everyone in the industry talks about big data, but what does it really mean? Big data is defined as extremely large data sets, both structured or unstructured, that are analyzed to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to both human behavior and interactions. 

 URBAN FREIGHT 01Mobility technology has started to change the ways people work. 

By Wes Guckert

While we are less than 20 years into the 21st Century, changes in technology are happening at an unparalleled pace. In fact, it is often hard just to keep up. Think about the global adoption of the Internet, smartphones, and now robots and artificial intelligence. No sooner do we buy the latest smartphone – that incidentally is faster and more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon – only to find that a newer, faster, smarter phone is available.

 RICK WARREN 01There are ways to prevent damage to freight and equipment in cross-docking operations.

By Rick Warren

The trucking industry is facing new challenges and demands every day. With the increase in government regulations and customer demands, the pressures on daily operation performance has never been higher. According to, a relatively low operating profit margin of 4.8 percent is the industry average. 

 RAJANT PORTS 01Seaports can improve productivity, enhance safety and enable automation with the right communications network.

 By Gary Anderson

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, approximately 90 percent of the world’s trade is carried by more than 50,000 merchant ships transporting every kind of cargo. This makes seaports vital to – and the focal point of – the flow of commodities and capital worldwide. 

 POSITIVE TRAIN 01Positive Train Control will impact freight traffic on railroads.

By David Thurston

There are a lot of people that talk about Positive Train Control (PTC), and how it will help the freight rail community, but what really is PTC?  Truth be told, it is just an overlay over all existing types of train control (either signals along the tracks or paper based forms), and only has four functions: Prevent train to train collisions, protect employees on the ground, stop trains before they go over a switch that is not in the correct position and prevent trains from going too fast for curves.  All of this is still dependent on the existing train control to perform most of the underlying safety functions.  

 OKELLY 01Dock-to-stock optimization is the key to getting products on and off the truck faster.

By John O’Kelly

Like most logistics operations, yours might point to “receiving” as the main starting point in your operation. Either because it’s a process that often begins earlier in the day with the overnight arrival of trucks delivering products from all parts of the country, or simply because it’s the point in which materials enter your facility thus setting the stage for all other processes.

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