Exports will drive U.S. port growth, and rail transportation is the critical link to support that growth. In fact, the President’s U.S. Export Initiative cites reliance on continued improvement of rail intermodal market share and intermodal connections as key to its success. Improving intermodal shipping is crucial for export growth and for the United States to compete in the global economy.

Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) has answered that call with its current infrastructure improvements, including on-dock intermodal rail at Port Miami for ease of ship-to-rail container transport.

As the second-costliest storm in U.S. history behind Katrina, Hurricane Sandy was also one of the biggest events of 2012. The images of cities and towns washed away by the powerful hurricane were unavoidable in the storm’s wake, and the effects are still being felt in early 2013 as residents of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states continue to rebuild.

Hurricane Sandy toppled buildings, washed out roads and knocked out power up and down the East Coast. The impact to many businesses was devastating, and the transportation and logistics industry did not escape unscathed. However, industry professionals have said that although Hurricane Sandy definitely made its presence felt, the repercussions of the storm on the industry have not been as severe as many would think.

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