Nova Scotia PowerNova Scotia Power’s fleet group prioritizes efficiency to reduce vehicle downtime and deliver lower costs for ratepayers.

By Tim O’Connor

At most organizations, fleet management is the first place a department goes when it needs a new truck, work van or piece of mobile equipment. But procurement is only the beginning of the lifecycle for a vehicle. Knowing when it’s time to replace an aging or outdated piece of equipment is equally important.

Milwaukee CountyThe Milwaukee County Department of Transportation’s Fleet Management Division ensures that the county’s vehicle and equipment needs are met.

By Jim Harris

The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation’s Fleet Management Division believes in working hand-in-hand with the end-users of the vehicles and equipment it supplies and maintains.

City of Columbus

The City of Columbus’ award-winning division of fleet consistently delivers top-notch fleet management services thanks to its focus on teamwork, innovation and technology.

By Bianca Herron

As fleet administrator for the City of Columbus, Ohio, Kelly Reagan oversees a fleet of more than 6,000 units with a budget of $40 million. The City of Columbus Division of Fleet Management’s overall aim is to provide support services to city agencies to ensure safe, reliable, efficient and green vehicle operations and maintenance.

SunocoSunoco Transportation worked with truck and trailer OEMs to reduce vehicle weight and increase payload.

By Tim O’Connor

Bob Manchester, senior director of transportation operations at Sunoco, says the three pillars of his organization – safety, customer service excellence and efficiency – are intricately linked. If one gets weak or breaks, it affects everything. 


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