Vanguard SoftwareVanguard Software Corp.’s cloud-based supply chain planning applications give large and mid-sized companies an advantage. 

By Jim Harris

Vanguard Software Corp. founder and CEO Rob Suggs believes a little bit of planning can go a long way toward making mid- to large-sized companies successful. “The impact of having the right forecast can be dramatic,” he says. “We’ve been able, as a small company, to go into large, billion-dollar corporations and produce phenomenal impacts.”

PeapodInnovative technology and new products have helped Peapod stay on top in the e-commerce market. 

By Kat Zeman

When it comes to online food and beverage sales, very few companies can bring it to the table like Peapod. An early innovator of smart shopping technology, Peapod has managed to stay at the top of its game by driving new investments, products and services.

Integrated CommunicationsIntegrated Communications’ consolidation of Peapod’s delivery technology showcases the visibility and value it can bring to clients.

By Tim O’Connor

For a delivery company such as Peapod that makes tens of thousands of deliveries per week, even a few wasted seconds can have a snowballing detriment on efficiency. One of the most effective ways to reduce lost time is to streamline the actual delivery process, but before 2016 Peapod was still working on older technology.


DuPont Pioneer strives for efficiency and safety within its fleet.

By Alan Dorich

DuPont Pioneer puts the customer first in everything it does, Fleet Manager Bob Eggerss says. “That’s what we hang our hat on,” he states. “We make sure the products and services we provide help growers be more productive and profitable.”

Darling IngredientsDarling Ingredients’ embrace of multiple technology systems has increased its efficiency.

By Jim Harris

Darling Ingredients’ fleet operations can best be described as diverse and multi-faceted. “Darling’s transportation needs can be quite different from plant to plant, depending on what they do there,” says Patrick McNutt, vice president of fleet operations for the Irving, Texas-headquartered company. “Our operations are very complex across our platform.”

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