ArrowStream believes that supply chain and logistics are best optimized by planning ahead. The company’s solutions have integrated transportation and logistics into a single view of the supply chain. ArrowStream’s software oversees the flow through the supply chain, helping customers manage inventory and logistics costs.

ArrowStream built its reputation serving the foodservice industry, and today the company works with some of the largest restaurant chains, distributors and manufacturers. It is working to diversify its portfolio outside foodservice by providing all customers with end-to-end, real-time supply chain data that improves strategic decision-making and operations while reducing costs.

Ease of Use

ArrowStream has created a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that covers the entire supply chain. The company’s Crossbow software solution results in an inbound freight program’s savings by establishing collaborative decision-making between purchasing and logistics. The OnDemand solution connects supply chain operations with multiple key business functions, and the ArrowScan handheld technology connects wirelessly to ArrowStream’s SaaS platform and allows for rapid, accurate and controlled scanning of inventory as it is received.

“The first major part of the software allows you to analyze your network to figure out ways to solve replenishment and logistics issues and create a plan about how to operate and coordinate,” says Steven LaVoie, chairman and CEO. “The second part ensures execution according to the plan, making sure everything is flowing right and providing opportunities for corrections.”

Virtually anyone shipping products on pallets can use ArrowStream’s software, and it was  developed to be easy to use. “Clients can load data into it, and in 30 minutes we can teach them to use it and validate the savings they’ll see in a few hours,” he says.

In the Lead

ArrowStream works hard to be in front of competitors. It aims to understand customers extremely well, knowing what they are trying to accomplish, what situations are likely to arise and how to find more benefits for customers that use its software.

ArrowStream also focuses on developing software. LaVoie explains that most software companies develop software by gathering requirements from customers and prospects, while ArrowStream gets technical and product development people on site with customers.

“The software has to be usable and simple and must deliver measurable results that are easy to understand,” LaVoie says.

In a market environment that remains stressful, ArrowStream says most customers aren’t growing top lines quickly. They are focused on capturing marketshare, slow growth and taking out cost. ArrowStream can help, thanks to solutions that are easy to use and quick to implement.

ArrowStream is flexible about the method and speed of implementation. The platform implementation can be done within weeks, and customers can be up and running in a month or two. That means its customers can see improvements and savings as fast as needed.

“We can give people tools that are efficient and help companies to bring more money to their bottom line,” LaVoie says.

“We solve problems and care about our customers, and we want them to love doing business with us.”

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