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East Coast Warehouse & Distribution is one of the leading logistics companies for the food and beverage industry because of its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

East Coast Warehouse & Distribution Corp. has become a leader in temperature-controlled logistics over the past 60 years because of its ability to offer end-to-end solutions. “More than 90 percent of the products that flow through us are imported or exported from countries in Europe, South America and Asia,” CEO Jamie Overley says. “We have the capacity to take delivery of our customers’ containers from whatever country, offload it from the ship, take it to our warehouse, repackage and deliver it anywhere in the United States.”


Weber Logistics transports and houses goods in temperature-controlled environments to maintain the integrity of products throughout the distribution cycle.

By Stephanie Crets

Weber Logistics prides itself on being the West Coast logistics leader with strengths in its focus, flexibility and scalable distribution solutions. Founded in 1924, the company serves a variety of industries, including food and beverage, confectionery, import retail goods and chemicals. Goods and materials in these industries tend to be more sensitive than others, which is why temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing capabilities are a huge component to Weber Logistics’ services.

“We’re diversified and have specialties among several industry verticals,” COO and Senior Vice President Bob Lilja says. “We have our integrated fleet of third-party logistics and truckloads that service the West for all those different industry verticals. We daily run LTL routes of time-defined services of air-conditioned and refrigerated products – throughout California and the Southwest. We’re delivering to a required delivery date from the client.”

Lilja goes on to explain that many micro-regional distributors, especially for food and beverage, pick items up and deliver them a couple of times a week on their schedules. But Weber Logistics emphasizes that it is the premier food distributor on the West Coast, delivering on the customers’ schedules with the service metrics to prove it.

Nature Sweet

NatureSweet’s traceability technology can track a tomato’s history down to the greenhouse row it was picked from.
By Tim O’Connor

Some brands within the tomato market source their vegetables from a mix of growers. Mixing those sources together can create inconsistency and quality issues once the tomatoes reach store shelves.

As a vertically integrated grower and consumer packaging company, NatureSweet works 365 days a year to ensure every tomato meets “best in industry” specifications. “We start from seed and deliver to shelf,” says Matt Volker, vice president of supply chain. “We’re able to control the quality from start to finish.”

Since its founding in 1990, NatureSweet has built five greenhouse facilities in Mexico and purchased a greenhouse operation in the United States. With nearly 1,400 acres of greenhouse space, NatureSweet is the largest greenhouse grower in North America and a leading supplier of tomatoes to retail grocery, club retailers and food distributors. Its nearly 8,000 full-time associates average more than five years of experience. Through employee retention, the company has expertise in how to manage plants and product yield to provide the best tasting tomato varietals across all seasons.

The company’s growing operation is segmented between the U.S. and Mexican facilities. About 30 percent of the company’s tomato production comes from its location in Willcox, Ariz., and the remaining 70 percent occurs at its greenhouses in Mexico. “We have a global presence through an integrated supply chain for both in-bound material and maintenance requirements, as well as a finished goods network across the United States and Mexico,” Volker says.


Eskimo Cold Storage has exceled by doing what’s right for the customer.

By Alan Dorich

Strong values have been key for Eskimo Cold Storage, co-owner and Vice President Karen Reece says. “We believe that by doing what’s right for your customer, you will have long-term accounts,” she says.

Based in Gainesville, Ga., Eskimo Cold Storage provides cooling, freezing, blasting and exporting services for a diverse client base. “Our customers range from fresh poultry [providers] to frozen vegetables and everything in between,” she says.

“They expect excellence in handling their product and in our accuracy rates,” Reece says. “They define quality as the ability to make one phone call and knowing that their issues or needs will be met.”

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