Peoples Services Inc. (PSI) prides itself on combining the service level and flexibility of a small company with the size and resources of a much larger organization. “We make a personal commitment to our customers,” says Doug Sibila, president of the Canton, Ohio-based company. “We feel we can compete with large carriers because we’re flexible and nimble, but we also have the resources to see large projects through.”

Expanding capacity and inventory and the quickly escalating cost of real estate combines to make finding storage for materials and products a constant challenge for growing businesses. Toronto Trailers is dedicated to easing that process for its clients.

The company focuses on mobile storage solutions utilizing dry van trailers and containers. Although the core business of Toronto Trailers is commercial storage, the household moving and storage solution business is a big part of what the company does. While the cargo control equipment supply division is the newest facet of Toronto Trailers, it has become the fastest growing supplier of ratchet straps, load bars, moving blankets and other logistics equipment.

Shipping products is an age-old human activity, so a fresh approach is always welcome. It is that “fresh” approach that Ontario Container Transport brings to the logistics industry. “We are a one-stop solution for your logistics needs,” declares Barry Nisan, co-owner of Ontario Container Transport (OCT) with Erik Waisman. “With one phone call, the customer can get everything done. Our customers don’t need to get a container company and a separate ocean shipper. We can arrange the ocean shipping and pick up the container from the port, provide storage or warehousing and distribution – we do it all.”

When oil or natural gas is discovered, a formerly remote, unpopulated area can turn into a miniature city virtually overnight. In the past, workers had to make do with tents and other, less comfortable forms of temporary housing, and for months if not years at a time. At today’s modern work camps, however, workers have the option to spend their time in temporary structures that offer as many of the comforts of home as possible, and BCT Structures is one of the companies focused on providing them.

If there is anything people want in their meals, it is assurance that the food they are about to consume is safe to eat. United States Cold Storage (USCS) is an important part of that equation, having provided refrigerated storage services to the food industry for more than 120 years.

Voorhees, N.J.-based USCS is a refrigerated warehouse operator with 34 facilities in 12 states and a staff of more than 1,800. The company started operations in 1889 and, today, it operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Swire Group, based in London.

Gough Grubbs, senior vice president of distribution and logistics for Stage Stores, knows that the key to succeeding in many facets of life is being able to achieve balance. Grubbs’ 41 years of experience in logistics – 17 of them with the clothing and home accessories retailer – has shown him that a balanced relationship between a company and its trading partners is always a “win-win” for both parties. “These partnerships could entail interacting with departments within the company or carriers and suppliers outside the company,” he notes.

Tennessee Commercial Warehouse (TCW) draws on its diversified assets to provide services to its customers in the most cost-effective way possible.

“One thing that's unusual about our company is we offer distribution, warehousing, truckload and intermodal services, but not in a silo,” says Scott George, CEO of the Nashville, Tenn.-based company. “You don't normally see companies combine all these modes together, which we do. We believe there's efficiencies that can be gained from doing that.”

Sears Holdings Corp. has seen many things change. But despite increased competition, Sears is leveraging its network and making improvements to maintain its place among the largest U.S. retailers.

Formed in 2005 when Sears, Roebuck and Co. merged with Kmart Holdings Corp, it has roughly 2,600 retail locations. It is a home appliance, tools, lawn and garden, consumer electronics and automotive repair and maintenance leader.

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