SubaruSubaru of Indiana Automotive optimizes its plant to increase production and remain agile in building a third Subaru vehicle.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. (SIA) has been manufacturing Subaru vehicles for 30 years and is the home of North American production. To prepare for the launch of the Subaru Impreza model and increase in production, the company invested $1.3 billion in its plant from 2012 to 2016. It also transitioned to a lean supply chain process flow to meet the demands of flexible manufacturing.

SkipperSkipper strives to be the recognized industry leader in safety management.

By Bianca Herron

Alan Bentley founded Skipper with a single idea: to develop a device that could link traffic cones and create safer work-related areas for many industries, including traffic and warehousing. After several months of development, the Skipper system was launched in 2005: a versatile, robust interlinking retractable outdoor barrier that featured nine meters of specially developed fabric tape, which could attach to any standard traffic cone.

Boise Paper Short-term agreements with third-party distribution centers allow Boise Paper to react quickly to changes in customers or railroad access.

By Tim O’Connor

The short lead times required by today’s market and competition from overseas mean that paper maker Boise Paper must create efficiency wherever possible. That is why the company is so heavily reliant on one of the nation’s most cost-effective and consistent means of transporting products: box cars and trains.

Ariens CoAriens Co. has transitioned into a hub-and-spoke network to optimize distribution and serve its customers most efficiently.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Now in its 84th year and fourth-generation of leadership, Ariens Co. is considered a leader in durable and high-performance snow throwers and commercial-grade zero turn mowers. To ensure it continues to get its products in the hands of consumers, the company revamped its distribution model to a hub-and-spoke network. “We have to be in a true hub and spoke because we have to keep our product closer to our customers,” says James Merwin, vice president of supply chain. “The industry is getting to the point where they expect it fast and they expect the product close.”

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