Moving goods in a global economy is a highly synchronized effort. From the outside looking in, the technology, capacity and communication it takes to move products from nation to nation, state to state and ultimately to the retail consumer seem close to impossible to people outside the business. However, veterans in the field of importing and exporting know that through well-defined processes, strategic locations and a network of highly professional transportation and logistics partners, an otherwise daunting dance can be turned into seamless choreography.

For Bordelon Marine, quality is not a simple thing, President and CEO Wes Bordelon says. Based in Lockport, La., the company provides marine transportation services to clients primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world.

When traveling turbulent and tumultuous waters, people prefer reliable vessels made with care. Trinity Yachts LLC strives to build such vessels, Vice President William S. Smith III says.

Based in Gulfport, Miss., the firm manufactures superyachts that emphasize European quality, steel and aluminum construction. President and CEO John Dane founded the company in 1988 as a division of the Halter Marine Group.

The costs associated with docking, unloading and preparing a bulk carrier vessel for its next shipment can quickly add up. “With shipments that we handle often worth over twenty, thirty, forty million dollars, a lot is at stake,” Blue Water Shipping President Matt Boucree stresses. “Small details can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars. There is nothing more gratifying than to call a client to let them know where we saved them significant sums of money.”

When Scout Boats President and CEO Steve Potts set out to design his luxury sport fishing boats, he already had a firm knowledge base from which to draw upon.

An entrepreneur, Potts started his journey in the boat manufacturing business long before founding Scout in 1990 with his wife, Diane, in Summerville, S.C.

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