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Thorco Projects has grown to provide strong support to its clients.

By Alan Dorich

After only 13 years, Thorco Projects has established itself as a leader in the shipping industry. Managing Director of USA Brent Berg credits this to the company’s associates. “I can’t imagine a shipping company with a staff better than ours,” he says.

Palm Beach Berth 17 October 2015

The Port of Palm Beach continues to make site improvements that it expects will increase volume and appeal to new markets.  

By Janice Hoppe

The Port of Palm Beach is in a state of continuous improvement as it begins a year-long redevelopment project on Berth 17 to increase production and focuses on acquiring adjacent land. “We are working on our master plan and embarking on a more strategic plan because of the way I envision the port over the next five to 10 years,” Executive Director Manuel Almira says.

The port was chartered in 1915 and is located 80 miles north of Miami and 135 miles south of Port Canaveral. Ship entrance is through an inlet channel 400 feet wide with no aerial obstructions. The Port of Palm Beach is an independent special taxing district with statutory authority to levy ad valorem millage tax, but its board of commissioners has not done so since 1974. The port operates on revenue earned by the tenants that conduct business there.

Port of Palm Beach is ranked one of the top-20 ports in the United States. The ranking is justified because of its movement of 250,000 20-foot equivalent units in 2013. “We are the most efficient port when you measure TEUs per acre,” Almira says. “We take up a relatively small amount of real estate, 162 acres.”

stolthaven neworleans 270

Stolthaven Terminals’ storage and distribution capabilities in Louisiana and worldwide make it an industry leader.
By Chris Petersen

Knowledge is power, and as one of the primary operating units of Stolt-Nielsen Limited, Stolthaven Terminals has a strong base of knowledge it draws from as it provides storage and distribution services through its worldwide network of terminals. Christopher Popjoy, marketing manager in Braithwaite, La., says the expertise of every operating unit under Stolt-Nielsen gives Stolthaven Terminals a significant edge when it comes to servicing its customers.

“First is our technical expertise on the products that we handle,” Popjoy says. “We have a depth of knowledge from our experience handling products in our tankers group as well as our containers group, and we’re able to pull from a deep bench on products.”

Port Freeport

Responding to client needs and investing in ongoing improvements have allowed Port Freeport to become one of the most reputable ports in Texas.

By Eric Slack

Located in Brazoria County, Texas, Port Freeport is one of the top 35 ports in the nation. Thanks to developments in market sectors such as energy and petrochemicals, the port is poised to take advantage of plenty of growth opportunities.

Created in 1927, Port Freeport is tasked with making improvements for the navigation of inland and coastal waterways, and the preservation and conservation of these waterways in aid to navigation. It is ranked 26th in international tonnage and occupies approximately 8,000 acres on deep water. The port has about 500 acres mitigated and ready for development and another 1,800 that is available.

Port Freeport serves a diverse group of clients. They include some of the most significant players in the energy and petrochemical businesses, as well as the traditional container, break-bulk, agricultural and roll-on/roll-off sectors. Approximately 90 percent of its business is energy and chemical feedstocks.

“This is one of the reasons we are ranked 10th in the nation for chemical tankers,” Director of Economic Development Mike Wilson says. “The balance is the traditional cargo such as produce, manufacturing projects, automotive steel and general break-bulk.”

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