DanaGlobal powertrain supplier Dana gained full visibility into its supply chain after implementing the One Network platform.

By the Editors of Transportation & Logistics International 

Like many suppliers, Dana Inc. a few years ago found itself struggling with high costs related to its inventory levels. The Maumee, Ohio-based company’s air and ocean freight costs were on the rise because of it either carrying too much, or too little, inventory on its parts. This frequently led Dana to request expedited shipments of inbound freight to cover its inventory shortages.


Port Freeport drone shot

Port Freeport makes strides toward key strategic initiatives designed to support the economic expansion in Texas. 


One of the fastest-growing ports in Texas, Port Freeport recently completed phase one of a rail project that has been a long-term objective for improving landside accessibility for the port its current and future customers.

Tiger CoolTiger Cool Express focuses on building brand awareness to become the largest refrigerated intermodal carrier in the United States.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Tiger Cool Express shipped its first temperature-controlled refrigerated intermodal container in 2014. In just four years, the company has grown quickly into one of the country’s leading cold chain carriers. “I believe one thing that would surprise people is that we are already a top 25 refrigerated transportation company by revenue,” CEO Steve Van Kirk says. “Because we’re a young company, a lot of people wouldn’t realize that.”  

MTMContinuous improvement helps MTM Inc. create customized solutions in medical transportation services for clients across the country.

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

It is well known that women play a key role in healthcare delivery in this country, and this is likely to continue because as of 2017, there are more women than men enrolled in medical school in the United States. MTM Inc. and its woman-led management team plays a role in the industry as well, known as one of the nation’s most experiences and qualified non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers.


Mesilla ValleyMesilla Valley Transportation’s founders turned a dream into reality that today spans many states.

By Knighthouse Editorial Staff

Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray turned their dream into a reality in 1982 when they founded Mesilla Valley Transportation. They started with a fleet made up of five trucks and hauled refrigerated and perishable goods. With hard work and determination Mesilla Valley Transportation has continued to grow year after year. Today the fleet is made up of 1,500+ trucks and 6,000 trailers and is known to be the most fuel-efficient company in the industry.

USTUST never stops looking for ways to improve its services for customers.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Employees never rest on their laurels at UST, President and CEO Scott Ramsey says. Instead of being content, “We’re trying to find the next [innovation] to enhance what we’re currently doing,” he says. “We’re relentless about pursuing those opportunities.”

Postal FleetPostal Fleet Services is growing into one of the largest contractors for the United States Postal Service.  

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Under his leadership, Postal Fleet Services has grown from a small startup company to one of the largest contractors for the United States Postal Service. “I had one driver and one temporary contract,” says Don Dorris, who founded the company in 2002. “Then I started getting more contracts and it just kept growing.”

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